ByNicholas Baumgartner, writer at
Avengers and Marvel superheros are my forte, as well as Star Wars and some Star Trek
Nicholas Baumgartner

Star Wars has been my favorite series of movies ever since I was but a wee Padawan, and has grown more dear to me now that I have friends to share my passion with. But my discovery of LEGO Star Wars sets in 2005 was one of the most pivotal moments in my fanboying (Is that a thing?). My first ever set was 6205 V-Wing Starfighter, which I got just before my 8th birthday, when I received a 7259 ARC-170 Starfighter from my grandparents. This was the start of a beautiful relationship, culminating in a massive hodgepodge army, consisting of Republic clone troopers, Rebel operatives, masterful Jedi on one side, and Imperial stormtroopers, Separatist battle droids, and power-hungry Sith on the other.

Intrugue culminates into massive battles that leave combatants on both sides scattered in pieces. As my collection grows along with my mind, battles tend to swing in different ways as new strategies make their way onto the battlefield, opening new avenues of destruction and fun. My collection is one of the biggest reasons that I am the way I am today. I don't think that if I hadn't started collecting, my love for Star Wars would be as passionate and focused as it is. I believe that making a collection of things having to do with the genre that you love can help you focus your love for that genre. It has certainly helped me.


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