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The peace between Zygons and Humans is broken, Osgood is in trouble, and The Doctor Ponces about on a big plane.

After the events of “The Day of the Doctor” saw a peace between Humans and Zygons settling on Earth, The Doctor left the Osgoods, the human and Zygon copy, with plans to use the Osgood Box in case the peace between the races is broken, leading to a nightmare scenario. Now, with Osgood being killed by Missy, Zygons capturing Osgood, and UNIT going on the offensive, the nightmare scenario has arrived. A break off faction of Zygons have begun an invasion into the population of Earth and have set up Zygon training camps where they develop new skills and go by the battle cry “Truth or Consequences,” which is also a town in New Mexico, USA.

In an effort to bring back the peace, The Doctor, Clara, and the leader of UNIT, Kate Stewart, split up across the world to discover the zygons plans. The Doctor, stepping into his role as President of the World, travels to Turkmenistan, a zygon training compound where the kidnapped Osgood is being held. UNIT forces are ready to blow up the compound, fearing the situation of fighting shape-shifters who can change to a loved one and attack without warning. Kate Stewart travels to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, the location of high racial tension between the Humans and Zygons. Clara and the rest of UNIT remain in London and try to uncover the Zygons plans, leading them to a base in the sewers. However, when the enemy can be anyone, it is difficult to know who to trust.

“The Zygone Invasion” takes on a dark tone, not just in events and story, but in relevance to real world issues. With a war brewing between Human and Zygons, both races have begun to suffer a paranoia of the other. As The Osgoods state at the beginning of the episode, every race is peaceful and warlike. This aggression from the Zygons is not committed by Zygone leadership, nor is the aggression coming from ALL humans. This is a splinter group of Zygons acting on the fear of what the other might do if they found out their secret identities.

Today’s societal climate is rife ethnic aggression from and towards other people of various ethnic backgrounds. The Osgoods impress upon the viewer that simply because one group of people acts in such a way, it does not mean everyone of that group is like that. This is a message that should be taken into consideration, not just in present day, but in the past and the future.

As the last two episodes of Doctor Who this season, “The Girl Who Died” and “The Woman Who Lived,” have been less than fantastic, season 9 is back to its edge of your seat tone in a story that is not just socially charged with real world relevance, but also a strong story and mystery of who to trust, and how this all started.


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