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[Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension](tag:695205) was a fitting way to end the Paranormal Activity series. It was a great series of six movies, that really kept you on the edge of your seats, and you wondering what would be around the next corner, or what was going to pop out of nowhere.

These series of movies brought back the found footage theme that started with The Blair Witch Project, and continues through with most of the horror movies nowadays. This movie tied in nicely with the other movies.

The Ghost Dimension begins where Paranormal Activity 3 ended with Katie and Kristi's father Dennis getting his back broken, and see them follow their grandmother upstairs, where they meet a man who will help them interact with Toby. He explains how important they are to Toby's plan.

Twenty-five years later, we meet Ryan, his wife Emily, and their daughter Leila. They are about to celebrate Christmas, when Ryan's brother Mike comes in. Mike's girlfriend has just dumped him via email, and Ryan is letting him stay with them while he gets over the breakup. Also their is Skylar, who is a nanny.

Skylar notices that Leila is talking to an imaginary friend, and asks who shes talking to, and she says that she is talking to Toby. Mike and Ryan are setting up Christmas lights, when Mike finds videotapes from 1988-1992, where Katie and Kristi are being filmed. Mike and Ryan seem to notice that the girls are aware of their presence.

When Ryan starts using the camera more and more, he starts to notice weird things start appearing that you can only see when using the camera. Leila is talking more and more with Toby as Ryan is using the camera more and more.

Skylar is attacked by an entity while checking on Leila, and when Ryan films Leila sleeping, the camera picks up a black figure in the bedroom. When Skylar and Mike are left to take care of Leila, they hear a noise by the pool, and when Leila goes to check, Mike sees a shadow escape from the pool. They then discover that the house that they are living in is buried on the ground the house that Katie and Kristi grew up in.

When Leila becomes less talkative, the family calls in a priest, who tries to converse with her but cannot. Fr. Todd believes that she is being possessed by the demon named Toby. Toby has been linked to a cult named the Midwives. Ryan does some research on the Midwives cult, and learns that they are believed to be involved in the murder of a family in Nevada (this is Paranormal Activity 4 with Hunter.) Hunter was born the same day as Leila.

One night, after Leila draws strange symbols on the wall, Toby opens a hole right above her bed, and she walks into it. When Ryan and Emily cannot find her, they search the whole house, and when hearing a noise in her room, return to it to find her there. After that they go to live in a hotel.

Fr. Todd convinces the family that they must trap the demon Toby in the house to be rid of it. They trap the demon in a pentagon symbol, but the demon escapes, and drags Fr. Todd through a black hole. Ryan traps the demon in a white sheet that was blessed with holy water. After this, they think its over because Leila has returned to normal.

Skylar starts to vomit blood, and vomits all over Mike, who's skin is burnt and he dies, as does Skylar also. When Leila runs upstairs, Ryan and Emily chase after her, with Ryan dying when a tentacle arms burst out of his chest. Emily goes after Leila when she enters the hole behind her bed. When she exits the hole, she finds her in the house that Katie and Kristi were in in the beginning of the film. Emily dies when her neck is broken, and Leila walks off with Toby.


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