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So, I am late to the game on this one. I must admit that I didn't even want to see this movie. I made a snap decision based off of a 30 second teaser, the movie poster, and the name of the movie. I thought, "Ha! How original! It Follows! You know like every single horror movie monster! I bet the film makers think they are really freaking clever!"

It was Saturday on Halloween. Monica (my better half and co host on MovieHolics) decided to stop by Red Box and pick up "It Follows" and "Z for Zachariah". The hilarity here is the fact that me and Monica have never Red Boxed anything prior to this night. So Monica gets home and tells me she wants to watch "It Follows" and at this point all I can think is, "This movie is going to be terrible but everyone keeps raving and raving about it, so screw it. Lets watch "It Follows".

This movie ended up knocking my socks off to be honest. No other way to put it. It is by no means a perfect movie. But it hits on notes that ring extraordinarily well over and over again. Whether it be its music, or the acting, or the terrifying way that the monster never does anything but walk, this movie puts you in it and makes you figure out how it works.

That said, there are some minor issues with the movie breaking it's own rules. Like how the monster kind of seems to teleport around from time to time. There is no real true indication of how this STD is transmitted. STD = Sexually Transmitted Demon. What I mean by how it is transmitted is there is a scene with an implied 4 way orgy and it isn't really clear if it just didn't work and that is why the Demon came back after her or if the demon killed all 3 of the men that had sex with the girl. This of course opens up a multitude of questions like, does it only work with regular sex? Does oral count? How bout girl on girl? And while we are at it, since the monster only walks can I hope a plane to England and be safe? If I am on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean am I good?

Regardless of the holes though, (pun intended) This movie does an amazing job at make their 2 million dollar budget feel like 15. The cinematography is amazing. Not only in camera movement and lighting but in general shot composition. The acting is great on all counts. The score was outstanding. All and all, I can't sing enough praises for this Indie Horror. If it were still in theaters, I would tell you to go watch it. But just in case you missed it, it is out on dvd so go give it a watch.

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