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Matt Walz

I am a comic book fan, and I demand satisfaction. So where do I go to find it? Not my local comic store, where I bought my first book. Not my library, that contains hundreds of trade paperbacks. No, I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken's website and downloaded the comic book event of the century: The Colonel of Two Worlds.

Forget Captain America, Captain Cold, Captain Marvel, and Captain Marvel. Everyone knows a Colonel outranks a Captain. So when I saw Colonel Harlon Sanders was starring in his very own limited edition single-issue one-shot comic event, I jumped on it like breading on a drumstick.

Will the real Colonel Sanders please stand up?
Will the real Colonel Sanders please stand up?

This book truly has it all. Multiverse-shaking battle, cameos from minor heroes like Flash and Green Lantern, and shameless product pushing, because you know we all read comics for the advertisements between the pages anyways.

The dialogue is easily the best part of the comic, and never comes off as clunky or unnatural. The 4th-tier "heroes" accurately express their joy to work with the godly Colonel, and even offer him a job in their "Justice League". But of course, whatever the hell that is plays third fiddle to the Colonel's true calling.

Between you and me, I'm glad he didn't step down to their level. That woulda been a total sellout. At the end of the day, we're all just glad the Colonel is doing what he does best-kicking ass and making fried chicken.


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