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Every now and then we need a little bit of an escape from reality. We can go to the theaters for a movie, see what's on TV or maybe scroll through the gigantic list of viewing options on Netflix, Hulu, Yahoo or any other website out there. But when we need something a bit more interactive, games of any kind can be just what the doctor ordered. Whether it is a sport, board game, backyard game, video game or anything of the sort, a little bit of competition can always bring levity into a person's life. Over the years, there have been dozens of games created within books, movies, television and even video games. So question is...

What is the best pop culture game of all time? I have compiled my top SIX games, and here they are!

Quidditch - Harry Potter

Possibly the most well known fictitious game that originated from pop culture. Quidditch makes an appearance throughout the books and movies in varying degrees from Harry becoming the seeker for Gyffindor, to being one of the opening settings for The Goblet of Fire. The game is such a popular concept among Potterheads that real-life versions of the game are being played (with creative adjustments to accommodate for the lack of magic).

Chardee MacDennis - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

"The Game of Games" according to the gang. Chardee MacDennis was only featured one time but once was enough to be remembered by the fans for the show. The game fits the show perfectly in terms of being humorously fascinating while at the same time completely ridiculous to the point of chaos. Even with a written set of rules for the game, the sheer randomness of the tasks and goals makes Chardee MacDennis all the more intriguing.

Blitzball - Final Fantasy X

For those who are unfamiliar with this game, blitzball is basically an underwater game of water polo. Blitzball plays a rather significant role in the beginning stages of Final Fantasy X. Opening the game with the Blitzball finals, having two members of your party as blitzball players (one of which actually uses a ball as his weapon), creating an entire mini-game that can be accessed at anytime from a save sphere, the list goes on. I can't remember how many countless hours I have spent playing blitzball till I realize I was only trying to save my game before a boss fight.

Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game - Yu-Gi-Oh

Yu-Gi-Oh the manga and anime series sparked an entire trading card game that is still booming to this day! With each new anime series, new sets of cards are released with new rules and strategies. Fusion monsters, to synchro monsters, xyz monsters, and more are at the disposal of the duelists. I stopped playing this game back in 2003 so to see the complexity of this game now is almost mind blowing that eight year-olds play this game with ease.

Save the Citizen - Sky High

A game played during gym class in Sky High. This game seems like one of the most fun and stressful games around. By picking the role of hero or villain, your goal is simple: save the citizen or stop the heroes, respectively. Just imagine a real-life version of this game sans superpowers. Almost like capture the flag with only one flag and the task of getting past guard men. Now real strategy has to come into play as to how exactly will the heroes save the person in distress from the evil doers.

Cones of Dunshire - Parks and Recreation

Created by character Ben Wyatt, this game plays a random yet pivotal part in the season six finale when Ben plays a game of Cones against one of the executives of Gryzzl to obtain free wi-fi for Pawnee. The game has a complex set of rules and roles players can take part in, one of which is just a score keeper (like the banker in Monopoly but doesn't play the game). Cones of Dunshire became such a hit in the show that a playable version of the game was made for Gen Con 2014 (a gaming convention held in Indiana).

Just talking about these games makes me want to include them all in an epic game night! How much fun would it be to have a massive, geeked-out Olympics? What pop-culture games make it to the top of your list? Leave a comment or write your own post as a creator!


Which game would you want to play the most?

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