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I recently created an article about the most over-used finishers in WWE so I thought I'd do another similar one. There are so many that I could of put down but I decided to just to the top 8. These are not in any particular order.

Brogue Kick - Sheamus

The Brogue Kick is a finisher used by Sheamus. The Brogue Kick is literally just a running boot. Many superstars just do a boot to hurt the opponent but when Sheamus does it, it knocks them out.

World's Strongest Slam - Mark Henry

The World's Strongest Slam is a move by Mark Henry where he lifts them up sideways and slams them down.

Rack Attack - Nikki Bella

The Rack Attack is a move used by Nikki Bella, she puts them up on her shoulders on their back and drops down to her knees.

Attitude Adjustment/FU - John Cena

The Attitude Adjustment also known as FU is a finisher used by John Cena. He does the AA by putting you up on his shoulders facing down and flips you and makes you land on your back.

The Worm - Scotty Too Hotty

Scotty Too Hotty does a move called The Worm! The worm is doing a bit of dancing then does the 'worm' until he gets to his opponent and drops down and punches them. 1-2-3 knockout!

Rear View - Naomi

Rear View is a finisher performed by Naomi and she literally jumps and makes your face hit her butt. That's all the finisher is.

The Cobra - Santino Marella

Santino is one of the stupidest (but funny) superstars ever and his finisher is pretty bad as well. The cobra is just a "peck" to the forehead.

The People's Elbow - The Rock

The People's Elbow is a move by The Rock where he pretty much runs across the ring and drops an elbow standing up on them.

Thank you for reading and feel free to add any i missed in the comment section. :)


Whose finisher is the worst?


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