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Disney has created some of the most memorable characters of all time, putting their spin on classic fairy tales and cementing these characters in history for generations to come. These characters however, would fade into existence if the didn't have admirable foes to go toe-to-toe with. These are my top 5 Disney villains of all time.

5: Hades

Hades is a jerk. Plain and simple. In his greed for power, he attempts to kill his nephew to prevent a prophecy of his demise. This takes sibling rivalry to an entirely new level.

4: Shere Khan

Before Scar, there was Shere Khan. The big bad cat of early Disney, Khan's plan was simple, kill the man-cub. Death is a pretty prominent theme in Disney, and here it's personified as the dangerous cat. He has only two fears, man, and fire so as a precaution he kills them any chance he gets.

3: Zira

Who knew scar was the loving type. After his trechorous attempt to steal pride rock, we are introduced to his other half, Zira. Her plan, was far more sinister and sneaky than Scar's. In her attempt to avenge her fallen love, she sends her son Kovu (Scar's doppleganger adopted son) to infiltrate Simba's pride, and kill him first chance. She leads a feral lioness pride, and goes up against Simba himself.

2: Jafar

"Jafar, Jafar he's our man." Genie said it best. Jafar lurks in the shadows of Agrabah, plotting his rise to the top. After searching for an unspecified long period of time, he finally finds the cave of wonders, (with the help of a throat slitting thief) and begins his search for the diamond in the rough. After multiple attempts or murder, Jafar finally gets his hands on the coveted genie lamp. What comes next is a sorcerer's dream, until his lust for power traps him in the cave of wonders with an itty-bitty living space.

1: Scar (As always)

Scar is undoubtedly the best of the bad. Killing his own brother, manipulating, and attempting to kill his nephew, draining the pride lands of life, and running the lion pride to brink of destruction, Scar has the whit, and malice any true villain thrives on. I tried for some time to think of a villain to put at the top of the list (even i'm tired of seeing him at number 1), but there is no one in Disney more sinister than this false lion king. In the end he's undone by those he's wronged, but secretly i always wished he'd lived to kill another day.

Honorable Mentions

  • Maleficent
  • Ursula
  • Dr. Facilier
  • Captain Hook
  • Mor'Du

Who is your favorite Disney villain?


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