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Whenever you think of The Hunger Games movies, odds are Katniss is the first person you think of. But I believe Peeta is the true hero of the story, and here's why:

He doesn't panic at the Reapings

When his name is called during the first Reaping of the series, he remains calm and cool, instantly thinking about his next steps. He focuses on how to survive the Games, unlike Katniss, who is too upset about the situation to think clearly. During the second Reaping he volunteers for Haymitch without blinking an eye, unwilling to leave Katniss' side.

He does whatever it takes to protect Katniss

While Katniss is mainly concerned about herself, Peeta plans his entire strategy throughout the Games around keeping her alive, with little thought for himself. He understands how important it is to sell their "romance" to the audience and gives a spectacular performance, even when Katniss fails to deliver. And when the two-victor rule is revoked at the end, Peeta instantly chooses suicide over killing Katniss. This theme continues through the other movies as Peeta faithfully plays his part in the fake romance, and even when Katniss makes a deal with Haymitch to keep Peeta alive, Peeta ensures that Katniss is the one rescued when the arena is blown up.

He chooses to love Katniss even though she doesn't love him

Even though Katniss treats Peeta badly and doesn't generally appreciate him, Peeta never wavers, finding ways to get close to Katniss even when she doesn't want anyone near her. He treads the fine line of respecting Katniss' feelings about the situation and maintaining the lovers' façade to the public, even when Katniss blatantly favors Gale over him. His steadfastness becomes a support that Katniss comes to rely on, and when the Capitol captures him she soon realizes how much she needs him.

He puts the welfare of others before himself

Whether it be Katniss, his friends or his district, Peeta does everything he can to stay one step ahead of the Capitol and protect the ones he cares about. He takes the time to get to know people, even when there's nothing for him to gain, and his practical logic is often the antidote to Katniss' emotional outbursts.

Even though Katniss can shoot a bow and arrow and fight ferociously, I believe that Peeta epitomizes what a true hero looks like, and Katniss should emulate him. What do you think?


Is Peeta the real hero of the Hunger Games trilogy?


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