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Hey its me Blackbatman and i have some great news to share and my awesome theories and how to draws
Joseph Gaddis

So we know that batman and superman will fight toe toe to toe and it has been said that it will have some length on it and batman is said to be victorious, but remember what Snyder said at comic con, "batman in a real fight with superman he would lose and supes would win" not exactly word for word but you get the point,

Batman will probably have the upper hand and Snyder did say he had an advantage now let's say it's kryptonite and he is about to knock supes out but then lex,doomsday,Zoe with flippers, Jason Todd, joker or my main theory bizzaro, now superman always has his curl one way in the movies and for some reason his curl is there but not there and for some reason facing the other way like a opposite superman bizzaro.

I know what your thinking because I thought it too,maybe batman knock his head left to right and his dew went to pew, not exactly check this out,

The fight has not begun yet so either lex made a clone called bizarro or superman lost his mind a while back , but that's besides the point look at him here.

no damn curl, now I don't know if this is just a weird coincidence but it may be a huge spoiler. Check back at me for more my you tube is Joseph Gaddis with a golden dude on it and my psn name is Blackbatman0 see you guys at the batman v superman showing .


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