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The Vampire Diaries has been a hit show on the CW for 6 years now and 2 years ago the spin off show The Originals started and has also become a massive hit. But now in its seventh season with Elena Gilbert no longer on the show, will The Vampire Diaries start to fade out? Will The Originals start taking its place?

The Vampire Diaries, up until recently, centered on Elena Gilbert, a girl from Mystic Falls, Virginia who gets tangled up with two vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore. Among them are witches and werewolves and bad guys of all kinds. Klaus, Elijah, and Rebecca, the original vampires, were introduced to TVD a couple seasons in and stirred up a lot of trouble for the group in Mystic Falls. But when they finally ended their fight, they left to go to New Orleans. This is is where The Originals takes place and it also involves vampires, werewolves, and witches. This show is more about the original family and the internal problems that come from centuries of being alive.

Lately I've been watching The Originals more because I was getting a little bored with TVD. I like the family aspect of The Originals and how Klaus and his siblings are fighting with and against their family at the same time. It is an interesting twist instead of Elena, Stefan, or Damon always getting themselves into similar situations in which the two not in trouble are tasked with saving the other.

Shows like these cannot last forever when they are based on the characters always having an evil to fight. Sooner or later, it gets repetitive and not as convincing as it was in the beginning. The fact that TVD let go of its leading character is a big jump in trying to stir the pot a little to keep the show running. The Originals on the other hand is still relatively new and for a spin off it has done quite well. These characters introduced on TVD obviously had a twisted and complex backstory that leaves lots of material and room to work with for plot lines.

People fell in love with TVD when it was adapted from the book series and there has been a steady fan base behind it for all the years it has been on television. The Originals has likely adopted same viewers because, hey, we all fell in love with the Mikaelson family as they were torturing the group up in Mystic Falls. The only thing that remains to be seen is if the spinoff will goon to eclpise TVD in Elena's absence.


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