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I know everybody has been going crazy over those new Joker Empire covers, and its safe to assume the fever for The Joker will only intensify from here. I mean, the Suicide Squad trailer got more views than Batman v Superman and we all know it's because of Leto. If you want a quick video breakdown check it out below as well as the article and dont forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more as well as follow me on Moviepilot!

It's safe to assume The Joker is just as popular as Batman if not more so, so there was no surprise when we got the news of that. We're all rooting to see The Joker in the new Suicide Squad movie coming out next year, but are we just setting ourselves up to be disappointed?

We have to go back to the trailer that we got back at Comic-Con, which has analyzed, and focus on two main scenes to bring an interesting theory to light. The theory goes along the lines that The Joker is only going to be present in two main scenes for Suicide Squad and they are both flashbacks.

We're already aware he is in the scene driving the car with Affleck's Batman on top from the set photos we've seen. Then there is the torture scene at the end of the trailer which we all should know by now is Harleen Quinzel prior her transformation to Harley Quinn. One of the things we could take away from both these scenes is that they could possibly be flashbacks during the movie and not really take place in the present.

The Joker not being present during Task Force X missions might be crazy to some who believe he is the main mission for them. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but it's looking more like Enchantress will be the main antagonist for the Squad at this point. If this is true, then where does this leave Mr. J and his future in the DCEU if he will merely serve the movie in flashbacks?

If The Joker is truly just going to serve as a flashback in Suicide Squad, could he be getting set up for a bigger movie coming later down the road? The movie of course would have to be the Batman solo film which is rumored to have the Red Hood story line. I mean, it would make perfect sense with those scenes in the Batman v Superman trailer and the cryptic messages left for Batman. If all this is true, then it means Jared's Joker will just be like Thanos in the MCU and just be setting up one of DC's future huge projects later down the line.

We will all have to wait till 2016 to see exactly what role The Joker will have in the DCEU, whether it's minimal or not, that is still left to see. I only hope he is not treated the way Cranston was in Godzilla!

Let me know what you think of the idea of saving The Joker's full exposure until a solo Batman film!


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