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Good evening, fans. The roleplaying genre is a very fun topic for me to discuss so I hope you enjoy reading this. I have been roleplaying online since spring/early summer of 1999, so I have been doing it for over half of my life to date!

Since then, I have come across many roleplayers (both younger and older then myself) who have had many questions on proper roleplaying etiquette. While many of these rules will not apply to everyone of all ages and genres, it is my hope that those reading this will be able to use this carefully put together creation of rules based on research gathered from sixteen years of roleplaying to become advanced or expert roleplayers.

1) No matter who you are, if you swear in any rp website or scenario I am in, either you no longer will be involved, or I will leave the scenario/ group permanently. Swearing has no business in roleplaying in my honest opinion and teenagers and children who roleplay should not have to suffer such language anywhere.

2) Any rper who feels it is their duty to have death match battles or scenarios where the only purpose is to write about killing your opponent off in the first turn does not deserve to be a rper. Rping is about having fun and learning new abilities, but neither can be done if you must constantly create new characters as your previous ones kept being permanently killed off.

3) Respect fellow rpers, both in and out of scenarios. In the rping groups I admin on Facebook, I have unfortunately had to ban certain members because of past behavioral actions against other group members before they joined these groups. If you can not show a rper respect and can not be respected either, then you need to work on these if you want to have friends among rpers.

4) A group rp community can not last if the members refuse to follow the rules that have been agreed upon when joining. This is a rule from the beginning of roleplaying and it means simply that when members begin disobeying the admin's rules because they dislike them, it is time to leave before the group can not hold in the dissension and everyone gets upset.

5) This is a given: It does not matter if you are good or bad at rping, as long as you and those you rp with always have fun and the rules are followed.

6) If you have to explain how a rping ability works without being able to provide exact book or website links to it, it is probably too advanced for using against anyone who has not rped for over a year. At the same time, if the only abilities/skills you can use are those you have taken from anime/manga/video games/movies/books without taking the time to creatively improvise them at all, then you show no originality!I That is just using what others have created professionally with no input of your own involved. So, do not plagiarize characters entirely - even for fan fiction, unless you do not mind having a law suit from their original creators.


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