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If you've never seen the show Criminal Minds, you're missing out! The show first premiered in 2005 and ever since, it's had a solid fan base. It may not be a very popular show, but it's great! What a lot of people don't know, though, is there are so many celebrities that have made guest appearances on the show early on in their careers. So, let's take a look at all of the stars that have been on the show!

Aaron Paul

Aaron was in the very first season in an episode entitled "The Popular Kids".

David Ramsey

The Arrow star starred in the season two episode "Fear and Loathing".

Frankie Muniz

Muniz was in the season three episode "True Night".

Forest Whitaker

While Whitaker went on to be a main character in a short-lived Criminal Minds spin-off, he first appeared in the season five episode "The Fright".

Dean Norris

Norris was in season five, in an episode entitled "A Thousand Words".

Mark Hamill

Hamill was in two season eight episodes. He was first in “Brothers Hotchner”, then in “The Replicator”.

Wil Wheaton

The Star Trek actor was in season four, in an episode called "Paradise".


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