ByAlly Edwards, writer at

Every year Heidi Klum throws a huge Halloween party where celebrities go all out in their Halloween costumes. But no one goes more all out than Heidi Klum herself. This year, she went as Jessica Rabbit practically covering herself in prosthetics to transform into the iconic cartoon character. She started getting ready at noon for the party that night!

In the past she has gone as:

2014: A Butterfly

2013: An Old Lady

2012: Cleopatra

2011: Muscle Anatomy

She spends hours in the makeup chair being painted and having prosthetics glued on to transform into the crazy costumes. By the end she is almost always unrecognizable, and she always keeps it a surprise until the party starts! The party takes place in NYC and all the stars come out in their costumes for a fun filled night. Who knows what she will be next year!


Which costume do you think was craziest?


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