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The impossible cartoonish curves of Jessica Rabbit have been emulated by many wannabe real-life lookalikes, but Heidi Klum has hit the ball out of park with creepy cosplay that shows just how monstrous such cartoonish curves would look on an actual person.

Sporting more latex than an entire fetish convention put together to emulate the cartoon siren's exaggerated hour glass figure, Klum retained her throne as the Queen of Halloween, although maybe her promise that she would be a 'male fantasy' was just a tad misleading. Check out the pictures below to see what I mean!

Heidi Klum and Jessica Rabbit: Who wore it better?
Heidi Klum and Jessica Rabbit: Who wore it better?

While it's clear Klum's face has been altered by a bucketload of prosthetics, it was her distorted body that had eyes-popping.

The 42-year-old model's beach ball sized breasts were courtesy of a full body casting session at Prosthetic Renaissance which she shared on Instagram when she began preparations back in early October.

The truly transformative results were another win for Klum's portfolio which includes a dazzling array of costumes including a skinned cadaver and an elderly version of herself.

The grueling transformation reportedly took over 10 hours in the makeup chair on the night alone, not counting the hours spent being glooped in viscous slime for the full body casts that you can see in the video below:

Of course, all of Klum's hard work paid off and she was exalted as the queen of Halloween by all of sundry on Twitter:

Now, who wants to bet me $10 that Courtney Stodden will be rocking this look next year? You know it's got to happen at some point!

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