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The 'Mean Walk' star got herself into trouble on the weekend when she posted a short video on Instagram, recorded at her Halloween party at 1 OAK Club in LA. The video showed a celebrating Minaj dressed as a fairy for Halloween, running down a hall granting people wishes with her newly found fairy powers.

A few seconds into the clip, you can see Nicki pointing her magic wand at a person on a disability scooter. Nicki then chants the following:

"Walk! I command you to walk!"

The 'Boss Ass Bitch' star even put the clip up on Instagram but it was immediately met with backlash from the star's followers on the site.

This prompted Minaj to take the clip down, but the damage was already done.

Many angered fans took to Twitter to vent their shock and frustration at their beloved star for making such a problematic statement.

Nicki did not take long to respond to the negative response, she also took to twitter claiming that it was her friend, who isn't disabled:

The whole episode brings up an interesting debate. If the person on the mobility scooter, whom Nicki commanded to walk, was actually her non-disabled friend, does it excuse what the star said or make it no longer ableist?

To be honest, dressing up as a disabled person on a mobility scooter is probably not in the best taste anyway.

Some of the 'Super Bass' star's followers are calling her out as a hypocrite, since the star recently criticized a Billy Cosby costume (involving an attached passed out rape victim, a drink, a prescription bottle and a hand reaching into a shirt) on her Instagram account with the caption "[o]ur generation is so desensitized."

Check out the full clip below!

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