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Forget about Halloween, this weekend the real tension was building in anticipation of Leah Remini's Scientology tell-all 20/20 interview. Remini was set to spill some serious beans while promoting her upcoming book Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, Katie Holmes was pegged for an appearance and it was speculated that L. Ron Hubbard's ghost would turn up, lose his shit and replace the airing with something John Travolta based. Of course we were disappointed, but one out of three ain't so bad I suppose.

Last Friday, ABC correspondent Dan Harris revealed that Remini's interview would provide a “scathing insider account” of her time with Scientology, and dropped the bombshell that Katie Holmes, who is notoriously silent when it comes to all things Tom Cruise, would be joining to give her two cents on Remini's revelations.

“And we’re also gonna hear from Katie Holmes, the former wife of Tom Cruise, [and] what she is now saying about Leah.”

Holmes famously left the Church of Scientology back in 2012 after divorcing Cruise and has since kept her mouth zipped. So naturally everyone was pretty shocked to hear that after three years of nada she would be finally opening up to ABC.

And while Remini did give insight to the strict rules of the faith, reminiscing about a time she was"written up" for giving Cruise a little sass, it would seem that Holmes's name was actually just used as a ratings tool by Harris.

In fact, Katie Holmes wasn't on the show at all and according to Page Six, she is now demanding an apology. "What she is now saying" was just this 17-word statement, given to the show via an agent.

“I regret having upset Leah in the past and wish her only the best in the future.”

Of course when discussing the topic of Scientology, the public itches for tidbits of insider gossip, tales of batshit celebrities and general bizarrities. However, using someone's name and lying just to up their ratings is an exploitative move.

It would seem that Holmes's rep feels the same way.

“The reporter seemed very overzealous — don’t use [my client] to [get] numbers on your show. Katie is 100 percent not appearing unless they magically superimposed her. They owe her an apology.”

Watch a clip of Remini's interview below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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