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In many ways, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens will represent a passing of the baton (or lightsaber, I suppose) from the older Star Wars generation to a new, younger one.

After numerous movies and almost 40 years of fandom, the likes of Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are veritable fonts of advice for Abrams's newcomers to the far, far away galaxy. For example, in a chat for Interview Magazine, Princess Leia actress and famous target of Star Wars fan desires, Carrie Fisher, gave some sage guidance to Daisy Ridley. It seems she doesn't want Ridley, who plays Rey in Episode VII, to become a science fiction sex symbol like she did. She said:

FISHER: Oh, you’re going to have people have fantasies about you! That will make you uncomfortable, I’m guessing.
RIDLEY: Yeah, a bit.
FISHER: Have you been asked that?
RIDLEY: No, they always talk about how you’re a sex symbol, and how do I feel about that. [Fisher sighs] I’m not a sex symbol! [laughs]
FISHER: Listen! I am not a sex symbol, so that’s an opinion of someone. I don’t share that.
RIDLEY: I don’t think that’s the right—
FISHER: Word for it? Well, you should fight for your outfit. Don’t be a slave like I was.

Although it quickly became one of the defining costumes of the entire Star Wars saga, Fisher has since been critical of her famous, and fan favorite, Slave Leia costume. In one interview she even went so far as to state:

"I remember that iron bikini I wore in Episode VI: what supermodels will eventually wear in the seventh ring of hell."

If you need your memory jogged, you can check out the scene below:

Luckily, for Ridley, it seems Abrams is happy to develop Rey as a strong and independent female character as opposed to a piece of screen candy to get young men into movie theaters. For one thing, the three trailers we've seen do not give the slightest hint that someone will get their clothes off.

Despite this, Fisher did suggest there could be a hint of romance in Episode VII, mentioning a potential "space kiss." From the sound of things though, Fisher might have been merely joking with the fact all Hollywood leading ladies seem to eventually become embroiled in a romantic storyline. She added:

FISHER: I'm looking forward to your space kiss.
RIDLEY: My space kiss?
FISHER: You're going to have to have one. Every girl does.
RIDLEY: [laughs] At this point, we'll wait and see, I guess.

The chat between Fisher and Ridley is certainly an interesting one, with Fisher clearly enjoying the opportunity of passing on some wisdom to her new Padawan. If you want to read the entire thing, make sure to head over to Interview.

Source: Interview


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