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The world was not prepared when its biggest superstar, Taylor Swift, sang the biggest song 'Let It Go' from the biggest movie Frozen, alongside the wonderful Idina Menzel at a concert in Raymond James Stadium, Florida on Swift's '1989' tour.

Idina, escorted by a reindeer, joined Taylor center stage to sing the blockbuster christmas hit 'Let It Go.' Taylor was adorably dressed up as Olaf (...'Taylaf', anyone?) who is the sentient snowman character from Frozen. Taylor revved up the crowd while Idina took to the first verse and chorus.

What happened next caused the 55,000 fans in attendance to lose their minds.

After Menzel sang the line "the cold never bothered me anyway," the 'Shake It Off' star ripped off the snowman costume to reveal a stunning outfit that demonstrated Swift's incredible physique. Menzel also shed her Queen Elsa dress to reveal a fierce ensemble that was on par with the princess of pop's.

Swift then took over the second verse and sounded as good as she looked.

The duet came as a massive surprise to the concert goers and proved to be an electrifying performance.

The pair looked great on stage together from start to finish.

And were adorable when they hugged it out after the performance.

Taylor Swift surely knows how to give fans a Halloween surprise/early christmas gift!

Twitter responded loud and clear:

Idina also took to Twitter to thank Taylor!

Taylor also put an adorable message up on her Instagram:

Frozen totally happened tonight.

And 55,000 people sang 'Let it Go' so loudly, it nearly took my breath away.

Good times, @idinamenzel ☃

I guess it's fair to say that Christmas has come early this year with Taylor Swift and Frozen doubling up to 'sleigh' our minds.


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