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Can you smell what The Rock is cookin'? Probably not, cause the cuisine this beefy dude's been guzzling comes straight from the can. He must have been droppin' spinach like it's hot though, because Dwayne Johnson was practically bursting out of his Popeye costume this Halloween.

Acknowledging that one size does not fit most, Johnson posted a picture of his excellent cosplay game this weekend, striking a pose that would give even the grumpy sailor man a run for his money.

Never buy a costume that says "One size fits most".

Claiming that his pipe looks a tad on the cracky side, Johnson's costume has so far racked up 1.3 million likes on Instagram. Unsurprising really, as he looks pretty darn fabulous as the 1929 disgruntled cartoon character.

Of course, this isn't the first time Mr. Johnson's cosplay has been completely on point...

Who could forget the time he really got his rocks off as the star of Bedrock, Fred Flintstone?

Or that time he dressed as The Hulk, reminding us to never, ever, make him angry?

Or earlier this year when he showed us his softer side as Bambi on Saturday Night Live... Albeit a gun-toting Bambi, but Bambi all the same...

He also dressed up as the Tooth Fairy once...but let's not talk about that, yeah?

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