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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Maybe we should have been talking more about Google's ruthless stalking of our Internet search history, but leading up to Halloween last week the Multimedia giants threw together 'Frightgeist,' a pretty cool digital collage revealing the country's top searched Halloween costumes. And the winning result was pretty surprising.

Batman's most ruthless female adversary, Harley Quinn, was crowned queen of the searches, fending off Star Wars, other superheroes/villains and pirates, naturally, for the coveted prize. No doubt Margot Robbie's impending incredible iteration of the Joker's main squeeze will have made the populous swoon, and bay for pink and blue hair dye.

So with all that in mind, here's a small and swift look at some of the best Harley Quinn Halloween costumes that have been pinned to the digital walls of Instagram for our willing eyes to peer at:

1. mahssaioli

2. j0aninha

3. hipzomjoint

4. ladys_blog

On The Spot! #joker And #harleyquinn #halloween2015 #costumes #talisa #Toronto #LadySBlog

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5. aztermurdok

6. jessica_real

7. mire_graphic

8. priscillamxo

9. meggocitta

10. msdasa

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