ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

Alyssa Milano dressed up as Wonder Woman for Halloween back in 2014, and the costume is incredibly fitting for such a lady, as she's also a superhero mom.

Milano used as an opportunity post her in a Wonder Woman costume and make a statement. While wearing her red, white, and blue, she took a picture of herself breastfeeding her daughter to help make it more normalized.

As an advocate for breastfeeding mothers, her Instagram has gone viral and has accumulated over 28k likes in less than a day.

I mean, come on, people. Breastfeeding is natural, and sexualizing breasts isn't.

Milano is not only a dedicated mother, she is also the creator of the Hacktivist graphic novel which is published by Archaia Entertainment. Alyssa Milano is one superhero I can definitely get behind!



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