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Horror films and TV Shows are the go-to inspiration for scary halloween costumes, with classics like Michael Myers from Halloween, The Grady sisters from The Shining and more recently Billy from Saw, all making regular appearances on the Halloween costume circuit.

However, I find it truly exhilarating when a modern horror movie gives birth to a new, terrifying haunt for us to impersonate on All Hallow's Eve.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. The Babadook

This would inspire me to catch the bus.

2. The Red Demon - Insidious

Get glow in the dark contact lens for extra effect.

3. Twisty the Clown - American Horror Story

I'm a good clown.

4. Samara Morgan - The Ring

Fast becoming a classic, but still makes me shudder.

5. Frank - Donnie Darko

"Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?"

6. White Walker - Game of Thrones

Winter IS literally coming... so this is on point.

7. Tenome - Pan's Labyrinth

Whatever you do, don't steal his candy on Halloween

8. Nurse - Silent Hill

Come to Silent Hill... No, Thanks.

And kudos to all those that dress up in a costume that is not particularly a reference to any movie villain, monster, or haunt but is just down right scary for the sake of it.

9. Children that opt for HORRIFYING over cute

Mini zombie and vampire that will bring men to tears.

10. Masked innocents that will KILL the hell out of you

Inspired by The Grady Twins and The Purge?

Well, I will certainly be upping my costume game next year. Scary over sexy or cute anytime. I think I could pull off a pretty good Babadook...


What's the scariest 'modern' Halloween costume?

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