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At the time of the day when the world sleeps and the dead wakes up, this creepy doll tried to choke its owner.

The doll was once owned by a guy named John who inherited it from his father. This doll is apparently so deadly that it once even tried to choke John. Hear it from John itself-

I was wide awake in bed and thought I saw a shadow move from one side of the window to the other and worried something was trying to scare us. Then without warning my throat suddenly went really tight, I’ve never had anyone’s hands around my throat before so it was really scary.

After this darn scary incident the doll was handed over to a paranormal investigator Jayne Harris. Harris took the case and filmed the doll for 3 months every night.

The doll was kept by Jane in a container blessed with Holy water in her basement. Last month, Jane was dumbfounded by a discovery that would freak the hell outta anyone.


This chilling night-vision footage shows how the doll’s operating cross slowly moves before crashing onto the glass pane. Jane didn't keep mum on this topic and had some interesting details to share too.

A medium said the spirit attached to the dolls is an old man who is mocking us as he can pass in and out of our sealed box. The container is only a physical thing so in theory something that's not of the physical world could pass in and out. Since obtaining him there have been strange bumps and knocking sounds, but nothing we could definitively say was the puppet until this video.

This story is really interesting to keep up with, but if you are reading this at night, good luck with that. It looks like Halloween ain't over yet.

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