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Thanks to enlightening interviews with Sean Murray, we know that we'll be able to see other players in the universe of No Man's Sky. In fact, this is the only way that we'll ever figure out what we actually look like in the game. But seeing as the game has 18 billion billion planets to explore, finding one another in the expanse of space seems like an insurmountable task.

One redditor, otterbrine, described the situation of what it'd be like finding your friends on release date rather well:

"Where are you?" "I'm on Sig Prime." "Where the f&%k is that?" "I don't know."

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

Will We Meet in Space On the Release Date of No Man's Sky?

Seems legit. But rather than simply accept that it may be a futile effort to search for one another, a lot of us are seeking out ways in which we can interact with friends and other players online in No Mans Sky. There certainly won't be a system in the game that'll make this easy for us, but some players believe that it'll be possible - through external means - to find one another during our beautifully isolated adventure.

We've already seen dedicated pages with moderators keen on uncovering the secrets of locating other players:

The Search for Other Actual Players is an organization and facebook page dedicated to finding human life (other players) in No Man's Sky. We are confident that there will be thousands if not millions of actual players in No Man's Sky, but with a universe so large, we don't yet know how to search and locate other human life in No Man's Sky. This organization is dedicated to figuring that out. Anyone that is or will be playing No Man's Sky is encouraged to join our organization in the Search for Other Actual Players. Let us find each other.
Star Wars & No Man's Sky? Don't mind if I do!
Star Wars & No Man's Sky? Don't mind if I do!

Do You Want to See Your Friends in No Mans Sky?

So far we know that an in-game messaging system has been teased. Whether this is just for players in the area or friends online is still unknown, but the fact that one exists indicates that Hello Games aren't exactly advocating complete silence on your adventure. After all, we'll be able to upload our discoveries to a database and there are trading posts scattered throughout the universe too!

But Sean Murray does wish for players to experience [No Man's Sky](tag:2684052) in their own personal way. Whether you want to make a run for the centre of the galaxy, or see how many planets you actually can discover in your lifetime, that's totally up to you! Perhaps seeing other players isn't something that really concerns Hello Games and will take away from the experience. Let us know whether you want to meet up with friends or not on the release date of No Mans Sky!


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