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So, the Grimm Season 5 premiere has finally been and gone, and what a first episode it was. The Grimm Identity as promised picked up right where the heart-breaking Season 4 finale left off, with Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch) lying dead in the arms of our titular Grimm Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) whilst the head of his mother Kelly Burkhardt (‎Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) lay in a nearby box. After fellow Grimm Theresa "Trubel" Rubel (‎Jacqueline Toboni) was abducted along with Juliette's body by FBI Agent Chavez (Elizabeth Rodriguez) Nick goes a little off the rails, rejecting the help of those around him on a path of vengeful discovery.

The Grimm Season 5 premiere episode also saw the birth of Nick and Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee)'s son - named Kelly in memory of his now deceased mother. The birth of their child, conceived under not quite the best circumstances, was a highly awaited moment for many fans as it will now force the two long running enemies to find a way to work together.

Given that Adalind did indirectly cause the death of Nick's true love, it's doubtful that Nick would be looking to jump into bed with her (again) even if she is the mother of his chid. But nevertheless the two of them are going to have to find a middle ground accord of sorts to put their differences aside for the sake of their newborn son.

Adalind giving birth to Kelly in Grimm Season 4
Adalind giving birth to Kelly in Grimm Season 4

In a recent interview Claire Coffee spoke at length about what we can expect from her character's development in Season 5, which looks set to be the season of Adalind. Of the proposed Nick/Adalind relationship she didn't give too much away, other than saying that she doubts Nick will forgive Adalind at any point in the near future, but rather will attempt to remain amicable with her for the sake of their child.

However the two will bond over the fact that they're both now essentailly alone in the world, in contrast with the likes of Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) who have each other.

Coffee: "At the beginning of the season, they’re both at a bit of a crossroads. Nick has lost his mother and Juliette, the love of his life. Adalind has no one. So I think that they really do bond over this child, and the only feeling that matters to them at this point is keeping this child happy and healthy."
Adalind with her first child, Diana
Adalind with her first child, Diana

And in response to whether or not she thinks Nick and Adalind should get together romantically she didn't dismiss the idea but responded:

Coffee: "Nick and Adalind have had that very aggressive and contentious chemistry from the beginning, since she was the first wesen that he saw, and she’s been a thorn in his side. So I do think they’re an expression of that saying that there’s a thin line between love and hate. They are inextricably linked, so it’s not so farfetched that they would get together."

However she did go on to say that there's a lot happening in Season 5, so if a relationship will develop there it's probably not going to happen this time around. It seems like Adalind is going to be pretty busy regardless, as we're going to see a drastic change in Adalind's alliances over the course of this season. In addition to striking up a friendship with Rosalee and trying to get the rest of the gang to trust her again, she's also going to be coming to terms with the fact that she no longer wants to be Wesen:

Coffee: "[Adalind] finally feels like her life is far better without being a Hexenbiest than it is being a Hexenbiest... We’re shooting episode 11 now, but her fear in the beginning [of Season 5] is that this is a suppressant that they used to suppress her powers but they could trickle back in at any moment. She is really scared of that happening, because she’s building her relationships with Nick and Kelly, and she really wants to do it right this time."
Unlike last time...
Unlike last time...

It's all looking pretty interesting for Adalind right now, especially as her character is going to get even further fleshed out as Season 5 progresses. She's come a long way from the witchy hexenbiest out for blood that was saw back in Grimm Season 1 and, though getting her together with Nick might be one stretch too far, including her as part of the gang is certainly going to shake up the dynamic of the show, hopefully for the better.

What did you think of the Grimm Season 5 premiere? Do you think Nick and Adalind should get together? Tell us in the comments below!


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