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A little over a year ago, The Creative Assembly released one of the best games in an otherwise average year. Alien: Isolation took lessons from the appalling mess of Video Games that came before it in this franchise - particularly Aliens: Colonial Marines - and tried to capture something more unique and true to form. The results were surprisingly excellent.

Unlike most Alien games, Alien: Isolation drew inspiration from Ridley Scott's original 1979 film, as opposed to James Cameron's Aliens. This distinction is what made this survival horror such a success, and we believe that both Alien 5 and Prometheus 2 have a lot to learn from The Creative Assembly's approach.

What Prometheus 2 & Alien 5 Can Take From Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation
Alien: Isolation

What works in the realm of movies is entirely different from that of games. However, the reason that [Alien: Isolation](tag:3624182) worked was due to its relationship with the franchise's original film. Alien introduced us to ONE terrifying Xenomorph, a creature with an insatiable desire to kill anything in its way. It trapped crew members of the Nostromo aboard of vessel that quickly became their tomb, and the sense of fear and isolation is what makes this film perpetually relevant and impactful.

Prometheus had none of this. I'm not entirely sure what Ridley Scott's latest film wanted to be, and I don't think he did either. Perhaps if the idea was separated from this franchise I could forgive its shortcomings, but as it stands, I think Prometheus is an example of everything this universe can do without.


Let's examine the achievements of Alien: Isolation in order to better understand why Alien is such an exemplary piece of cinema and why Alien 5 and Prometheus 2 need to pay attention:

  • The use of one Xenomorph is far more terrifying than having a load of canon fodder running at the screen. Less is more.
  • Alien: Isolation has a distinct style, something that all of the Alien films following Aliens have failed to nail. They're muddled and unsure of themselves, who's going to enjoy that?
  • Emotional connection. Alien spends a beautifully long time setting up its characters and universe, as does Isolation. When people start dying you have a connection with them, thus it's far more horrifying to witness how they're slaughtered. There's none of this after Aliens and Prometheus suffers in this regard too.
  • Lowering the stakes. Alien: Isolation gives us a small instance way out in space - it's more relatable because we can see an ordinary person trying to survive in a terrifying situation. We don't need to save the world in every film, Alien 5 and Prometheus 2 need to pull it back!
Alien 5
Alien 5

What about you guys? What do you want to see from Alien 5 and Prometheus 2? Do you think that this franchise needs to focus on the original works more? Let us know where you stand in the comments below!


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