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So, this week on The Walking Dead we learned a whole lot about Morgan and his therapeutic stick-wielding sessions with the cheese maker, but we got absolutely zero answers on Glenn's "death." While some people thought the episode to be a bit boring or bland, I was thoroughly riveted by Morgan's transformation from one who "clears" what is left to one who tries to salvage it.

So, after 'Here's Not Here,' we have 'Now.' Episode 5 will revert back to the present time and the struggles and worries of those who still inhabit Alexandria. I can't wait to see what Scott Gimple has up his sleeve for this episode, which is destined to be a bit more action-packed than the explanatory Morgan-centric one from this past Sunday.

Here's the promo for the episode...

At this point, all the Alexandrians can do is rebuild

However, they are paranoid and still shaken from the recent attacks

If we don't fight, we die

It seems like the civilization they've enjoyed at Alexandria is crumbling... fast. I like that there's going to be more at stake going forward, and we're likely to see a lot of important plot developments as soon as next Sunday.

As always, AMC provided a sneak peek along with the promotional video. You can see that below...

What can you take away from this moment between Deanna and Reg Monroe...

The Alexandria "Safe" Zone isn't all that safe anymore, clearly... not that it ever really was

What do you suspect will be the next development, and are you looking forward to an episode that appears to focus on those who are still currently in Alexandria? When will we find out if Glenn is actually dead?

Questions on questions on questions, really...

(Via: AMC)


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