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It's been a year of success stories for Britney Spears, who has purchased a new palatial home, raked in the most money for a celebrity perfume out of all of her contemporaries, and extended her Vegas residency by two years with a significant bump in salary.

But all that triumph isn't going to her head, and Brit has remained that same down-to-earth charmer who used to get adorably excited over emails.

This latest story about Britney's trademark sweetness centers on — who else? — her fans!

The pop star has gotten into the habit of writing heartfelt, genuine greeting cards to a select group of her fans, and now the lucky recipients have been posting the letters on social media.

The messages are even handwritten by the legend herself

These seemingly random acts of kindness have been well-received with a ton of excitement by fans. I mean, can you imagine grabbing the contents of your mailbox and finding a personalized letter from Britney Spears? And these are mega fans who have devoted their entire social media presence to their favorite singer.

Going above and beyond, she's been responding to these fans on Twitter

Those that have posted their spoils have gotten near-immediate replies from Britney.

And she's endearing herself to us all over again

If you've ever met a dedicated Britney fan, then you probably know that they're among the most dedicated people to exist on the planet. Many view the Holy Spearit with the kind of reverence and appreciation typically reserved for religious figures.

But, Britney has always been incredibly supportive of her fans, too. Whenever they give her something personal, she tends to react with genuine gratitude that we don't often see from celebrities of her magnitude.

Just another chapter in the adorable files of Britney Spears. And I highly doubt this will be the last.

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