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Stephen Adamson

Be prepared to be turned on in the weirdest, and best, nod to Star Wars that I've seen in quite some time. Playboy put together a fake audition tape for the classic franchise from one of the most beautiful women on the planet: Sara Jean Underwood.

It's definitely supposed to be a little tongue-in-cheek. Check out the video below along with professional photos of the characters she posed as.

There might not be any nudity in Playboy anymore, but that doesn't mean these still won't make you feel something.

Check out the characters below...

A seemingly less evil Darth Vader

A bootylicious Stormtrooper

Just a cute Jedi

Probably the most confusingly arousing one here, sexy Yoda

My favorite, the Princess Leia bikini shot

Eek! Unsure how sexy this Admiral Ackbar is...

A "sexy" Tusken Raider

A seductive Bib Fortuna



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