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It seems that anything Lindsay does will get media attention, and unfortunately most reporters will inevitably put a negative spin on things to frame Lindsay in a less than favorable light.

But has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe the antics that LiLo gets up to (cast your mind back to her announcement that she would run for president), is just for her own amusement? Maybe the star is so fed up with false rumors that she may as well join in and confuse the hell out of people. And perhaps the antics that we often read about from the Parent Trap star are just example of her finely practiced ability to troll the media and observers alike.

Take Lindsay's latest stint where she was wearing a large engagement ring at the 'Slutoween' event at Cuckoo club.

The star was flaunting the ring in every picture that was taken and was reported to have been showing it off to other people at the event.

A source reported to Page 6:

“She has lost her mind. She did it as a joke for her friends and wanted to see what people would do or say”

But no one seemed to consider that Lohan might have been doing it for her own amusement. Even though many reports are always insinuating that the star is out of control and running amok, the star's Instagram paints a rather different picture. Only two days ago the star put on her Instagram the following picture with her looking naturally healthy, calm and happy:

Check out this photo from a few weeks ago with the star looking glam:

So it seems that while the media is reporting that the "attention starved" Mean Girls alum is turning up to events claiming to be engaged, the star's own social media accounts see her going to restaurants, having business meetings and living a life pretty similar to the rest of us!

The only difference between our lives and Lindsay's, is that she is always one step ahead of the general public and knows how to fool the media with a new story to keep everyone's attention on her. Clever girl.

Perhaps the star is just so fed up with all the false speculation that surrounds her that she might as well join in and mess with people's minds.

Those eyes know what they are doing.
Those eyes know what they are doing.

Pretty cunning, Lilo. We like.

So perhaps Lindsay's costume really did stand out at the 'Slutoween' event. But not because the star had reached new emotional and psychological lows of romantic desperation, rather the star displayed her amazing ability to mess with the media and GP's collective mind by dressing up as a troll—in the metaphorical sense—for this Halloween.

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