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Day 2 of 22


There's a new book and a new cover, shown on this page.

This might be an alternate cover design for Unlikely Friends, which we discussed yesterday.. On the cover is one of Janja's hyena minions, but he could just be a place holder while they try and figure out how they want the cover to look. It could be a new title for Unlikely Friends, or even a new book all together.

This book is most likely to only have masks of the guard themselves, but it's possible there's a mask of Kiara. I have a feeling one of the reasons they chose to portray her as a cub, is so that she can be related to and liked more by younger viewers, who might like characters close to their age more than an adult character. In a way it's kind of her come back, so perhaps she'll get quite a bit of merchendising. Not as much as in 1998, but at least some.

Picture of the Day

Another picture from the official Return of the Roar site.This picture might take place some time after Kiara is saved (Or escapes) from the gazelle stampede, as Simba, Nala, and Tiifu are in the same spots they were when that occurred. I also theorize they are looking at The Lion Guard fighting off the hyenas, or about to.

Things to Ponder

"Does Kiara want to be queen now?"

In Lion King 2, after Simba takes Kiara back to The Pride Lands, he has a talk with her and tries to tell her as future queen she needs to be careful. Kiara fulls away and angrily says, "What if I don't wanna be queen!? It's no fun..."

However, there's an upcoming book called Can't Wait to be Queen, which implies she's excited to take the throne. Assuming The Lion Guard takes place before she met Kovu, is it possible before she was excited to be queen, but then afterwards she didn't want to anymore? Or in the movie was she just upset and not thinking about what she was saying?

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