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After 25 years Friday the 13th is making a return to video games, and on Halloween night creators gave fans their first glimpse at the concept art for a version of Jason Voorhees featured in the game.

It's 'Sack-Head Jason'!

Slasher and victim in matching shirts.
Slasher and victim in matching shirts.

Although Jason’s trademark disguise is the white hockey goalie mask, Jason can be seen wearing a burlap sack with one hole cut out on the left side, his mask of choice in 1981's Friday the 13th Part 2.

I can see you...
I can see you...

Friday the 13th: The Game is due for release in 2016 for PC, Xbox 1 or PS4. You will be able to play as either Jason brutalizing the camp or counsellors fleeing his clutches and attempting to bring him down.

Creators have this to say about the game concept:

Friday the 13th is the definition of horror to the millions of fans around the world. A masked killer going after the young and vulnerable; it grabs our attention, it frightens us, and yet we all come back for more. Friday the 13th: The Game will give you the feeling of horror and dread that you expect from Jason Voorhees. This will be the ultimate asymmetrical horror experience unlike anything you’ve seen - a title we’re proud to introduce that is worthy of the name ‘Friday the 13th’.

Watch the announcement trailer below!

The project is not funded and so the money to make the game is being entirely financed by crowdsourcing. You can find updates, game information and creator interviews on the kickstarter page here.

It includes a section called 'Stretch Goals' that outline the game features they intend to add upon hitting monetary targets. The more money they make, they scarier it will get!

Personally, anything that has Jason chasing someone down with a machete is enough to freak me the fuck out. I await this release with bated breath...


Which do you find scarier: Jason's sack mask or the hockey mask?

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