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So Halloween just flew by as quickly as a witch on a broom, and being an Australian living in the States, it was quite intriguing to go on my first jaunt of trick or treating with some young friends. What a culture! However, the same evening, I was smart enough to check my Twitter feed, only to discover Thor himself posting his latest battle. And it certainly wasn't one of the members of the Australian-Branch of the Serpent Society.

I kid you not. This is a real spider - otherwise known as a Hunstman spider - just chilling out on his wall.

As a resident of that great nation, I do inform you that even a creature like this is definitely worthy of Thor's hammer. As long as he is underneath it.

Let's just hope that they keep the enemies in Thor: Ragnarok as Loki and Surtur. Otherwise, due to the filming of the movie in the land down under, we will be seeing Thor fighting gigantic spiders. AKA: scene from Lord of the Rings. NOT Spiderman sadly. It also opens up the possibility for an inclusion of Black Widow into the mix. We all know that the Australian Huntsman is deadlier than an American spider.


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