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I’ve seen some impressive tattoos in my time, but nothing beats Wentworth Miller’s in Prison Break. I mean, he's got an entire factually correct prison map inked into his skin. That's dedication.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the first season aired, and six years since the finale of Prison Break: The Final Break. The two stars of the show, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, have barely aged, either... You can remind yourself of the crew in the clip below:

Due to recent popularity on Netflix, the show is due to return for a new season. I have my doubts about the direction the story will take, after it was tied up neatly at the end of The Final Break. The plot became more and more unfeasible and I have my suspicions a new season could be one step too far, but it's exciting news nonetheless...

The last we saw of the crew, Michael had been electrocuted and feared dead after sacrificing himself to save the others. However, executives have announced that this will be slightly “ignored”, and a storyline explaining his characters return from the dead is “plausible”.

The celebrate a decade since the first season and the announcement the show will return, let’s take a look at what the cast have been up to since, and also who should return.

Wentworth Miller - Michael Schofield

Michael was the main protagonist of the show, alongside his brother Lincoln. Following Lincoln's wrong conviction, Michael enters the same prison with the biggest, baddest tattoo you’ll ever see… Maybe.

The show propelled Wentworth to stardom, being nominated for a Golden Globe in the process, and he’s rarely been out of the spotlight since.

He's recently has recurring appearances in The Flash, portraying villain Captain Cold, a character he is also due to play in the spin-off DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Chance of returning: 100%

Even though he was killed off, that's not stopping producers. Essentially it would lose a lot of impact not having Miller in the lead role.

Rumours are they'll play out the "oh he didn't die, he's actually just in a coma" card, which does feel like a bit of a cop out, but we'll let them off. After all, Prison Break was never about complete believability and realism.

Dominic Purcell - Lincoln Burrows

Dominic was the brother of Michael in the show, who was wrongly accused and sent to prison to be saved.

Playing generally hardman roles, Dominic has also joined up with Wentworth Miller in The Flash, where he plays Heat Wave.

Chance of returning: 100%

The crux of the storyline centred around the brothers relationship, and restoring the injustice of Lincoln getting put in prison, so it's important he returns. Producers have confirmed Lincoln will be back - yay!

The onscreen chemistry between Purcell and Miller acts as a drives the motivation of the Fox River Eight. For the new season to be a success, it'll be interesting to see how the brothers relationship has developed.

Robert Knepper - Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell

Robert Knepper gives a stunning performance as "T-Bag", the manipulative criminal with a prosthetic hand, and he was by far my favourite character. A proper, bad ass bad guy, "T-Bag" often stole the scene.

Even though he was a b*stard, there was something likeable about him. Not entirely sure what.

He's since had a lot of work on TV and on the big screen, most notably in The Hunger Games, portraying Antonius.

Chance on returning: 85%

Arguably the actor with the biggest on-screen presence, I'm sure Knepper will be "on hand" to star in the new series, and generally mess stuff up.

Amaury Nolasco - Fernando Sucre

Amaury Nolasco managed to smash the likability factor for Sucre, Michael's cellmate and eventual friend.

Since filming Prison Break, Amaury has had bit part appearances on big blockbusters such as Transformers and A Good Day to Die Hard, as well as occasional appearances on TV.

Chance on returning: 80%

Sucre has stayed loyal to the brothers, so it would be nice to see him return. With no real competing commitments, he should be able to appear in the new show next year.

Sarah Wayne Callies - Dr Sara Tancredi

Sarah played the love interest of Michael Schofield, and was left with the proposition of being left to raise their child on her own after Michael's "death".

She's arguably had the most success following Prison Break, starring as Lori in The Walking Dead for three seasons.

Chance on returning: 90%

There's a lot to explore and develop with her character, not to mention her relationship with Michael and how she responds to the news of his resurrection.

The opportunity to rejoin the cast is probably too good to turn down for Sarah, who starred in three of the four seasons, as well as Prison Break: The Final Break.

William Fichtner - Alexander Mahone

Alexander Mahone metamorphosed from feared agent to part of the group after becoming incarcerated himself.

Fichtner is an actor who seems to crop up all over the place, appearing in a number of recent films such as Elysium, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as appearing in the upcoming sequel to Independence Day, due out in 2016.

Chance of returning: 50%

Mahone is a character who sways between likeable and unlikeable in a heartbeat. Although it would be interesting to see him return, out of the main cast his storyline may not fit in.

However, it would be interesting to see if his character has continued to become more and more morally bankrupt as time has gone on.

Wade Williams - Brad Bellick

Brad Bellick was the constant thorn in Michael's side, by, well, doing his job and trying to stop them from escaping.

Although Prison Break has been his biggest role to date, he has had bit-part roles on TV and the big screen - even appearing again as a prison warden in Dark Knight Rises.

Wade appearing in Dark Knight Rises
Wade appearing in Dark Knight Rises

Chance of returning: 0%

Unless the producers are planning a second, miraculous resurrection, then Wade won't be returning for the new season after sacrificing his life for the team.

Which is a shame, after his character redeemed himself within the Prison Break universe and joined forces with Michael's team.

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