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Netflix, Inc. is going on great heights during its expansion spree; from all the efforts its evident it will be able to reach its target by the end of 2017.

Netflix, Inc. had a target of expanding in 200 countries by the end of 2017, with the recently news, it seems that the largest streaming media company in the United States will easily achieve that target. The news of the streaming media company entering the Middle Eastern market came out when the company started to post job adverts for certain positions such as marketing and social media for that region.

Later this news was confirmed by Joris Evers as well who is the Vice President of Communications in the European, African and Middle Eastern region. With the rate at which the streaming media giant is currently expanding makes it evident that it is going to great lengths to prove that it can accomplish its target of being in 200 countries. At present, the service is being enjoyed by on-demand video subscribers in over 50 countries along with a total of 69 million subscribers. With the current plans of expansion it is constantly aiming at growing the number of countries by the end of 2017.

Netflix, Inc. had not entered the Middle East but that did not stop the people residing there to avail the service; the people would gain access to the streaming media company via Virtual Private Networks and enjoy the movies and shows in that region. Even though, there are a good number of users who use Netflix through VPN but it is still an insignificant number of people as compared to the company’s actual user-base.

In September, the company announced that it will expand and start its services in the Asia and will have its services available for usage in Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea by early 2016. The company’s main focus in on the Asian market as currently these three regions alone make up of 85 million potential users while in the Arab side, the company expects to have at least a potential user-base of 370 million. By the year 2018, the video streaming giant aims at having 100 million users worldwide from 69 million right now.

Earlier last week, during its expansion spree, Netflix also entered Italy, Spain and Portugal and earlier last month it even started its streaming service in the Japanese Market, with special Japanese content for the locals, that was the company’s first launch in Asia. Even though it is presently the largest and greatest video streaming company to enter the Middle Eastern market; it is not the first video streaming service to be in these regions. In the North African and Middle Eastern region two other video subscribers have already acquired a good decent number of users in the region.


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