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After nearly 15 years, The Force Awakens is finally coming out, but what events have lead up to the movie?

With the release of trailers, posters, leaked images, and other small bits of info, fans have been trying to piece together as much as they can get their hands on. This article is not going to try and do what so many fans already are doing by attempting to create a theory about the actual movie, rather this is going to lay out a theory regarding events that may have led up to what we know.

I have read numerous theories from all over. Some of them are good, while others just make absolutely no sense. I would also like readers to keep in mind I am a huge fan of the Expanded Universe. Though it is not considered canon anymore, I tried to incorporate ideas in to keep some of it true.

To start out this theory we must go back to The Battle of Endor. After the Empire's super weapon, the 2nd Death Star, was destroyed over Endor, the Galactic Empire went into a state of frenzy. Moffs, Grand Admirals, and anyone with any amount significance went into a struggle for power. This is when Timothy Zahn's books come into play.

Some major parts of the book may not fit into this theory, but overall the Thrawn campaign did take place. One major detail about his books that I have to change is the birth of Jacen and Jaina Solo. Though many fans of the Expanded Universe will be mad, just wait... I am not actually saying they were never born. Actually they were born, and it was during the Thrawn campaign. I have just changed the names and their stories. If you are wondering whether Han and Leia do still get married.

Star Wars Expanded Universe

As far as all of the Star Wars EU goes, I am only addressing certain books and facts and some details in books may conflict. The main reason I only mentioned Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy is because I view this as I good base. Also, if you have not read this series I highly recommend it if you think it's worth investing time in.

The New Galactic Republic

After an uprising around the galaxy, the New Republic is formed. Under the leadership of eight individuals, some of which include Mon Mothma, Leia Organa, and Admiral Ackbar.

The Jedi Order

As seen In the EU, Luke Skywalker creates the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4.

The Knights of Ren

Several theories have surfaced about who these mysterious groups of beings are, seen in The Force Awakens latest trailer. One prominent theory is that they are historians of a sort. More precisely, they are dedicated admirers of the Sith, or more specifically Darth Vader. They could possibly be Sith, but this is not likely since Kylo Ren, a member of this group, is confirmed to not be a Sith. My theory of The Knights of Ren (which is important to the overall theory) is that they are a tightly knit, force wielding, group that is devoted to bringing the galaxy back to the way it was during the rule of the Galactic Empire. One idea that could fit into this concept is that they are similar to the inquisitors.

Anywhere from 10 -15 years after the Battle of Endor the Knights of Ren are formed. The Knights of Ren's plan to "restore" the galaxy is complicated. They plan to bring down the New Republic from the inside. With a combination of blackmailing, mind tricks, and assassinations, the Knights succeed in removing the strongest supporters of the Republic out of the Senate.

The assassination Mon Mothma is a key step in the plan. After her assassination as well as several other key members of the New Republic like General Ackbar, and General Calrissian, belief in the strength of the Republic is weakened. As assassinations continue, suspicioun spreads throughout the Senate and confidence in the Jedi's ability to protect weakens as well. Evidence is revealed by members of the Senate (in league with the Knights of Ren) that not only was this done by the Jedi, but it was a conspiracy to overthrow the Republic. Although the Jedi gave much support to the Republic, many of the Jedi's strongest supporters were dead or no longer in office. A group of Galactic officials investigates and detriment the Jedi to be guilty. A strike team of Knights are sent to kill the Jedi and commandeer the Jedi temple. Luke and many Jedi manage to hold out temporarily but finally flee during a full invasion by the Knights of Ren and escape. Many Padawans are killed and the temple is destroyed. Luke goes into hiding.

Kylo Solo and Rey Solo?

The next key piece of information is that Han and Leia did in fact birth twins and their names are Kylo and Rey. After the Jedi temple is destroyed and the Jedi are scattered, Leia, being a Jedi, flees with Han. They are chased and end up on the planet of Jakuu. There a confrontation ensues between several Knights and Han and Leia. Leia, having only received minimal training due to her work in the Senate, is unable to protect them. Han is no match for The Knights who are trained in blaster deflection. The Knights capture their children.

A key piece of info here that I have not completely worked out is that Han and Leia believe there children were murdered. Leia is unable to sense her children in the Force. In actuality, the the Knights take Kylo while leaving Ren because the Knights only are made up of males. The highly Force sensitive twins hide in the Force through Force stealth. This technique is usually only used by highly trained Jedi, but I believe under the circumstances the twins would hide. They would be under extreme stress and very afraid. Being of a direct lineage to Anakin, their midichlorian count would be high. This quote from the EU explains it well:

"You blend in with the universe. Think of it as Force camouflage. The trick is to become so comfortable with it that you can slip into this state of being... dissolved, yet still carrying on functioning fully aware."

This quote is by Jacen Solo, who, if by now you haven't noticed, is basically the same character as Kylo. Jacen was able to use Force stealth, showing that being in the Skywalker lineage it was possible to use Force stealth.

Han and Leia flee from Jakuu. Rey is left behind and is raised by scavengers. This is where she ends up in the movie. Kylo ends up as the leader of the New Order.

With most of the military on their side, the Knights come out of hiding and pull off a successful coup. They take complete control of the government, proving their deadliness. The New Republic is renamed the New Order under new leadership.

This wraps up my theory and shows how many of the characters end up where they are seen in the trailers.


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