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Spoilers alert!

  • I've read numerous articles on the impracticalities of his death,
  • and saw how Glenn would die in the comics.
  • Steven Yeun's name was also taken out from the opening credit scene in the latest episode titled "Here's Not Here".
  • So let's not repeat or dwell on these points again!

There is a new speculation!

In one interview with producer David Alpert by Variety, he states that

"the Glenn that we knew, the one that believed in the better side of humanity, I think is dead."

His explanation?

"We love our fans — the main thing is, we don’t listen to everything they tell us. We think that giving everybody what they want all the time isn’t the way to actually give them what they want"
Dang he hit it right in the feels bomb.
Dang he hit it right in the feels bomb.

Now, let's not grab that tissue just yet! We know he will eventually have to die. But this particular way of death is purposeless and seems to be done in a hasty manner. But let's take a closer look at what he had said again. He mentioned that

"the Glenn that believed in the better side of humanity ... is dead."

Glenn will change! Perhaps into something worst.

Shouldn't we consider the possibility that Glenn might transform into a vicious person like Rick or Carol in the upcoming episodes to protect his (possibly pregnant) wife? Yet, what would change him this way? Certainly I do not have the answer to that, but perhaps Alpert is suggesting the changing attitudes of the characters in order to keep us in our seats.

Change is at the door.

We can confirm that Morgan has undergone major remoulding in recent episodes, especially in the latest episode titled "Here's Not Here". There is a definite truth that Rick is a shadow of Shane; he is no longer the Rick we know from Season 1. Based on the interview, Alpert also commented that "it is time for Daryl to come into his own a little bit, even if that means conflicting with Rick". We could think that Daryl's reluctance to obey Rick's given task in 603 is a foreshadow of his questionable loyalty in the upcoming episodes. Carol experienced change in her disposition as well; she isn't the scared and abused woman that we deemed weak previously.

The Walking Dead greatly deals with human nature and contending attitudes most of the time. We may not know for sure when Glenn will die, but he will always be that charming pizza boy we constantly fall in love with.

On second thought... don't die (image frm tumblr)
On second thought... don't die (image frm tumblr)

What do you think about my speculation? Think I might be wrong? Do comment below! :)

Oh, and do read the full interview here.


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