ByJosiah Holmes, writer at

It is being reported by The Hollywood Reporter that a new Star Trek television series is in development for CBS. Star Trek has had an awesome run from multiple television series to 2009's film reboot of the same name, 2013's Star Trek Into Darkness, and 2016's Star Trek Beyond. Now it seems that Alex Kurtzman, the man behind the recent film franchise, is shopping around for a writer.

Not much is known about who will be featured in the new series, or what the series will be about, but more news is certain to surface as the series gains momentum. In the meantime, freshen up on your Klingon and prepare to go where no man has gone before.

UPDATE: Star Trek's official website has released official information regarding the new Star Trek project. The series will premiere in January 2017, with a "special preview broadcast" on the network. Afterwards, the series premiere episode and subsequent episodes will then be available in the U.S. through CBS All Access, the network's digital video on demand and live streaming service, for $5.99 per month.


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