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So, I'm here to make a sad announcement. Sunday, November 1st, 2015 in the afternoon I, Matthew Bailey, watched my very first episode of The Walking Dead from beginning to end.

I know... I know... I'm a bit late to the game.

Almost exactly five years after the series premiere on Oct. 31st, 2010, I sat down in my basement and flipped on my Xbox to stream Netflix and I began my descent into Episode 1 of The Walking Dead. Now to be honest, over the last five years I've thought about starting the show a few times, but then just never actually followed through. Partially because of the hustle and bustle of life, but more-so because I have a weak stomach when it comes to anything horror. So you can imagine what a show about a group of survivors in a zombie infested world would do to my countenance. Yet, there I was, mentally prepping myself for what I was about to sit through.

Before I could blink I was into the second episode. Then the third before my sons woke up from their naps. And this morning I finished the fourth episode when I woke up early, and I can honestly say that I'm already hooked. I'm chomping at the bit to get home and find a few moments to pull some additional Walking Dead time.

It's more than just zombies

This is my raving approval for a show that is to be assumed based on the zombie outbreak, yet in reality the zombies are merely a set piece. The true heart of the show is about how the people we meet react when their humanity is stripped from them. The zombies are symbolic in essence, as we watch how each person copes with the reality that the world they once knew is gone and how they are going to interact with the new world. The post-apocalyptic backdrop is the perfect visual stimulus for watching the evolution of humanity, compassion, love, honor, sacrifice, and survival. All in all proving that the purpose of The Walking Dead isn't just to terrorize, there's a deeper story being written.

For a show with zombies, it's unpredictable

The Walking Dead is right there with Game of Thrones, considering that it's based on a strong set of source materials and had an extensive fan base from which to build in the first place. But where The Walking Dead differs from Game of Thrones is that it's played fast and loose to the source material rather than trying to stay true to the original stories as Game of Thrones. The comics from where the show takes its basis is more of a backbone, giving the producers enough meat to flesh out the show that has been created.

The cast is incredible

As I stated above, I'm officially only four episodes in, but the characters are already incredible.

  • Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) as the man desperate to find his family again who will stop at nothing to survive once he has them.
  • Jon Bernthal (Shane Walsh) as the man of action whose sole priority is protecting his people.
  • Steven Yuen (Glenn Rhee) as the optimistic, loyal and brave scavenger who chooses to risk himself for his friends.
  • Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) as the expert survivalist who is strong and more than capable of being counted on in a pinch.

It's easy to get caught up

Normally when you find yourself several seasons behind it's difficult to catch up without going on an intensive binge-fest marathon. The Walking Dead is, honestly, really easy to start getting caught up on, considering that I'm writing this on Monday and just yesterday I plowed through half of the first season (It's six episodes, by the way. The other seasons have more). Also, seeing as it's an AMC show, it's not solely relegated to a premium network app, so it's readily available on Netflix.

It's proven to be a hit

To have a show that has averaged 5 million viewers with the first season, and has only gotten talked about more and more - it's definitely a hit. The Walking Dead is often a conversation piece for many, and now is the perfect time to join that conversation.


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