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Hillbilly Horror

Over the last 5 years, we have seen a major resurgence in the horror genre, especially within series', and the popular horror-host film franchise, Hillbilly Horror Show, is climbing the ladder quickly!

According to data collected by IMDb, ranking the most popular horror series from 2011-2015, the upstart Hillbilly Horror Show has found it's way to #65 out of an overall 535 titles! That's pretty impressive for an indie film series that started as little more than a concept less than two years ago.

What makes this ranking even more impressive is, if one looks closely through the list, it ranks Hillbilly Horror Show as the most popular among all those series that fall under the "horror-host" genre in that same time frame.

It's definitely news you love to wake up to. Our fans are amazing, and they're the reason we've come so far in such a short period of time, so we want to send a huge thank you to them. It's awesome.

- Bo Keister

Hillbilly Horror Show is available through numerous streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime, Google Play, and YouTube. The franchise releases on iTunes and VUDU December 8th.


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