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William Robinson

Although there was some concern over the start of the new series, Supergirl, fans of Kal-El's favorite cousin should rest at ease knowing CBS has the legacy of Krypton in good hands.

Produced by the same folks who do The Flash and Arrow for The CW, the pilot definitely knows its audience. First, giving us a short intro into Kara 'Zor-El' Danvers' origin, and a cameo from her famous cousin (Superman) , we see that the producers are serious about the show's background. Including comic book elements like The Department of Extranormal Operations or a rogue's gallery of Phantom Zone bad guys, as well as fan favorite actors for Kara's earthly parents, and we are off to great start.

Having a couple of friends at the workplace who are in on the secret helps Kara get to where she needs to go to live up to the family business. After saving a crashing plane her adoptive earth sister was a passenger on, Kara decides to follow in her cousin's footsteps to protect the planet. Although she experiences some set backs along the way, she comes into her own as a superhero who wears the 'S' shield.

Also, by sliding in elements of young adult drama and girl power, the producers know what they need to bring in the young female viewer, whom this show seems to be aimed at, to the TV screen on Monday nights. Using this as a way to satisfy the comic's and drama fans, CBS could have a tremendous hit on their hands if they keep doing it right.


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