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To say that the two part Attack on Titan movies had a rocky reception with fans really is an understatement. After their initial release in Japan, the Attack On Titan live action films were released in the US, to a distinctly lukewarm reaction. Most critics panned the films, and while some fans enjoyed the alternate take on a much-loved story, most were very vocal in their dislike of the movies, taking to the internet to vent their frustrations.

Luckily, we've got season 2 of the Shingeki No Kyojin anime coming soon! Debuting next year, the long awaited second season will finally give us the answer to why the walls are filled with Titans, as well as continuing many plot threads from season 1. Take a look at this sneak peak!

Hanji looks ready to kick some serious butt, though it's probably a good thing that she didn't chuck that guy off the wall... right? In any case, I can't wait to find out what happens next. So how do we know that season 2 of the anime will succeed where the movies failed? Well honestly, it's hard to see how it couldn't...

Incomprehensible Changes

One of the major issues with the live action Attack On Titan films was their adjustments to the plot of the original manga. Adding in new characters that had little depth and swapping out fan favourites like Levi for random other characters was hardly a wise move. Cutting Annie, Bertoldt, Reiner, and Ymir was also pretty nonsensical, as these are some much loved characters.

Even the characters that featured in the live action films underwent some serious, and potentially un-needed, personality changes. IGN's reviewer pointed out some of the serious flaws in the films...

"Mikasa is a cowering, pouty girl and serves as a love interest for two of the characters instead of being a badass protector. Even Eren’s angst had some sort of depth in the original story, but with his motivator completely different, he just feels like an overreacting jerk. The other characters are bland, one-dimensional, and usually only serve one purpose on screen."
Mikasa doesn't pack a punch in Attack On Titan
Mikasa doesn't pack a punch in Attack On Titan

So basically, if season 2 of the anime wants to overcome this problem they've just gotta... continue writing the characters the way they always have! Probably. Actually, after the latter half of Attack On Titan season 1 was criticised for focusing too heavily on Eren's angst, maybe more focus on the other characters would be good for the show too. And actually, there are quite a few problems season 2 has to overcome, that both season 1 and the movies struggled with...

Pacing The Story

Don't get me wrong, I love Attack On Titan season 1 dearly. But it can't be denied that after a roaring start, season 1 kind of tailed off a little bit. Obviously, this was because the writers were playing for time: at that point the manga was still coming out, and they needed to stretch out the plot they had until new chapters were published. By waiting such a long time for season 2, the writers have definitely saved up enough plot to overcome this particular problem. But that takes us to another potential pitfall: sticking too closely to the manga.

After beginning the story with a brutal battle between humans and titans, the manga slowly descends into a gritty plot about civil war, and shifting allegiances among the humans. This could be very good, but some fans have bemoaned the lack of action and the focus on plot exposition. This was also something that the second Attack On Titan movie, End Of The World, also struggled with...

"End of the World feels more like a sluggish crawl out of hysterical madness back into the boredom of normalcy than the culminating finish of a rabid orgy of delightfully awful graphics and corny melodrama."
Attack On Titan criticised for melodrama
Attack On Titan criticised for melodrama

What's a clear way to overcome this? By throwing in some action of course! But with the Titan Shifter plot yet to develop, Christa and Sasha's backstory yet to be revealed, and Hanji's quest to find the answers, it's possible that season 2 of the Attack On Titan anime will be even better than the first... and definitely better than the movies!

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