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With its unusual premise, the success of Gotham was uncertain, but the show went from strength to strength in season 1, earning it a loyal fanbase and receiving critical acclaim. Focusing on Detective James Gordon and the young Bruce Wayne, Gotham establishes the origin story of one of DC's best loved heroes, as well as many of their iconic villains.

Gotham season 2 promised to focus even more on the antagonists of the story, showing how they turn from good (or, kinda ok) to bad. Recently, more villains have been cast as the season progresses, but is this really what the show needs?

New Villains Cast

The latest to join the villain gang are Mr Freeze and Hugo Strange, with Freeze's terminally ill wife Nora also slated to appear. And it seems the writers can't wait to fridge Mrs Freeze...

"As her condition worsens and her husband becomes more desperate to save her life, Nora must make the ultimate choice: play the willing participant in Victor’s mad plan or sacrifice herself to stop the monster inside of him."

With House of Cards star Nathan Darrow cast as Mr Freeze, it seems that the writers are ready to write one of their most poignant villain origin stories yet, with Nora's love potentially redeeming Mr Freeze...

"Thanks to her smarts, sincerity and a lighthearted sensibility, she’s the only person who’s managed to connect with the otherwise emotionally cold cryogenicist."

Freeze's difficulty to connect with others doesn't bode well for the character, and definitely suggests that after his wife dies he will go full villain rather quickly, as this press release reveals...

"Though ferociously smart and eminently capable in his work as one of Gotham’s preeminent cryogenics engineers, Victor struggles to make meaningful connections with others. The one exception is his wife, Nora (casting TBA), who has tragically fallen ill with a terminal disease. Victor’s love for Nora knows no bounds, so as her condition worsens, he goes to extreme measures to figure out a way to freeze her before she dies. This harrowing journey leads to his transformation into the legendary DC villain, Mr. Freeze."
Nathan Darrow in House Of Cards
Nathan Darrow in House Of Cards

It still hasn't been confirmed when Mr Freeze and Nora will appear in the show, but they're not the only new antagonists on the block: Jurassic World's B.D. Wong is also joining the cast as Hugo Strange.

Strange Turn For Gotham

Lending a helping hand to the inmates of Arkham Asylum, Strange differs from Freeze in that he won't have a villain origin story: as this press release reveals, he's also gone bad...

"He’s hired to help the city’s criminally insane, but Strange has a nefarious streak as well: The professor is also conducting experiments on inmates and testing extraordinary abilities in order to create superhuman folks for Indian Hill. The underground Wayne Enterprises black-ops program was introduced in this week’s episode of Gotham as the secretive place where a badly burned Firefly (Michelle Veintimilla) was taken after being captured by the GCPD."

Strange's entrance into the show will no doubt help develop the story, as we learn more about Indian Hill and the potential pitfalls of this program.

BD Wong in Mr Robot
BD Wong in Mr Robot

But as much as this will develop the plot, we have to wonder whether Gotham needs to get back to basics: overloading the show with villains can get a bit samey. With any luck, we'll also see more of the regular folk of Gotham city, which would help Bruce on his journey to protect the city he loves so much.


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