ByCameo Hansen, writer at

Is this really surprising coming from Miley? Honestly though I can't imagine a bunch of little kids getting to see this image. Miley hasn't exactly been on the straight and narrow road for the last couple of years. I can't imagine a bunch of parents allowing their young children to see the new Miley, let alone look up to her. Teens are the kids I would be worried about, And honestly are a bunch of teens still going to believe that Miley is someone honorable to look up to? Even if they do look up to her do you think they are going to care about a halloween costume? I'm not defending Miley, I think it was in extremely poor taste to dress up as a Disney character with a blunt. But it isn't like we aren't exposed to such sightings on social media everyday. I'm sure someone somewhere posted a similar image. I can see both sides of it, had she been your average person she could've gotten away with it. But maybe it is time she realises she is someone famous and this off the wall wild child attitude isn't cute. But do we think she really cares? I really don't believe Miley is the kind of person to go home and cry at night because the media posted yet another bad article about her. And if she is she brought it on herself.


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