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..., and now cries about how hard her life is. She could have left the shooting - maybe for the cost of her career (not really, but let's just imagine it could have happened for this conversation), but hey, she could just have walked off. She didn't want to do that, she wanted to go famous, so when the photographer told her, that a "topless" shooting will raise her chances, she did it. (she is not really "topless" though, come on...). She didn't need to, she was not forced. She made a decision based on what seemed to be acceptable for her. She wanted to got famous and rich. She became famous and rich. So, where is the reason to cry out now, how bad she got treated? Poor rich girl, what a hard life you live... This is just as ridiculous as Lawrence's claims... ...I want to see what people will say, when, let's say, George Clooney comes up about that one time, in Emergency Room, where he had to put off his shirt so the female show watchers could see those abs, which every male actor has to have (if he's not casted as the funny fat guy), and how embarrassing that was and how he got forced into doing so. Oh, and also there should be some postings from dudes casted as fat funny guys, because this is mean and superficial, too...wait...what? We're talking about Hollywood, where you fit in to stereotypes to get money, more money than you can spend? Ah, argument's invalid, Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Lawrence are poor beings mistreated by an industry and sexistic dudes, I forgot...

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