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RWBY continues with the festival. We see Qrow and Winter arrives. All in episode 2 of Rwby Volume 3. As always, you can watch the episode here.

And also Spoilers!

The Vytal Festival Continues!

The episode begins where the last one ended. Team JNPR's fight started. It is a cool fight. We find out what Nora's semblance is. She absorbs electricity and it energizes her. Which is good for her as one of her opponents uses a shock stick. I say he had quite a shock when he found that out (I couldn't help myself. I will see myself out). Jaune orders her to climb the mountains as the rest of the protects her from the enemy sniper.

This leads to one of the funniest scenes in RWBY. Jaune decides they need to use team attacks to when and tells them to use formation "FlowerPower". He really should leave the naming to Ruby. Of course no one knows what that is. He explains that it is Ren and Nora. This leads to Pyrrha to ask what her's and Jaune's name was and really just a very big discussion. Of course, the opponents take offense to this and Jaune just tells Nora to end it. Which she does happily.

Neptune, Scaredy-Cat Neptune

Next, it was time for Team SSSN to take the arena. They face off against an all-female team. So of course, Neptune flirts and Weiss gets jealous. His confidence doesn't last because, turns out, he is afraid of water and of course, half the field turns out to be water.

Sage, a man with a giant sword, is taken out quickly. The other three last longer. Scarlet, a boy who reminds me of a pirate and is voiced by Gavin Free, is knocked out by being hit in the coconuts by a coconut. I am sure you can clearly picture that. Sun is left to beg Neptune for help and after he knocks the three remaining girls into the water, Neptune finally does. He uses his trident to electrocute the water and the girls.

Qrow Might Have A Problem

Yang's and Ruby's uncle, Qrow, is shown throoughout th e episode. He was a in a bar, called the Crow Bar, getting drunker every time. He never seems really impressed with any of thee fights. This prompts the bartender to ask, "What fight are you here for?" A ship, then, passes behind him, and he declares, "That one". We then cut to Weiss. She sees the ship and says, "She's here."

Really sounds like Winter has arrived and neither Qrow or Weiss are happy about it. The thing is , I am getting more and more certain that Weiss is a disappointment to her family. Am I crazy? Just think about it. Last year, she didn't want to talk to Winter when she called her family's office. She doesn't talk kindly about her father or the rest of her family. And she didn't want to talk to her father last episode. I might be over complicating thins. Just let me know in the comments.

Anyway, the episode was mostly fights. They were cool and fun, but I honestly can't wait to get into the other stuff. I can't what to get into what is up with Qrow and Winter. So, though, I was slightly disappointed it was all just fights, I still enjoyed the episode.

What do you think about my theory? And What did you think about the episode?


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