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The famous TV series duo, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder return in January with an all new season of The X-Files continuing where they left off. When the rumours first started flying around about a return of the iconic series, I wasn't especially interested. The idea of rebooting a cult classic series that already ended painfully, going-out without the glory it would've deserved, seemed stupid to me. But when they first confirmed that instead of a reboot, we get a 'sequel' with both main protagonists David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson returning to their roles, man was I super-hyped!

The trailer was released a few weeks ago and it dissolved every last bit of doubt with its awesomeness and nostalgia. Here's a quick breakdown of the trailer for you:

The trailer starts out with a montage of images while a voice describes the secret agenda of an elite shadow organisation. This already sets the beloved Twilight Zone dark tone of the original show with images featuring shadows of aliens, extraterrestrial experimentation on abductees and the birth of a hybrid alien-human baby. Just like old times isn't it?

Like yourself, I'm a true believer. What I need is your expertise.

With this sentence we get our first glimpse of Hank Moody stepping out of his house, half-sober into the cliché situation in which a millionaire needs the expertise of the old retired veteran living in self-exile who first will probably refuse but then eventually accept the offer.

Then we get the old man whistleblower in disguise tell Mulder that he didn't really uncover the ultimate truth we have all been waiting for since that damned pilot came out in 1993. Luckily for us, the old-man also hints that maybe this time Fox will put the puzzle pieces together and give The X-Files the finale it deserves.

You are nearly there. You are close!

Then a quick snap of Duchovny tearing up the old 'I want to believe' poster as well as the heart of many fans but then a phone starts beeping...

Finally we get to see Dana Scully for the first time since the not-so-successful The X-Files: I Want To Believe and with her sweet memories of the original series come to our minds. Gillian Anderson looks fantastic, and despite the fact that 22 years have passed since the first appearance of the ever sceptical Scully she is still smoking hot. Anyways, seconds later as Mulder appears in the window dressed in a familiar suit, shaved, looking sharp we already have a feeling that this will be the most badass return in TV history.

But the awesomeness doesn't stop there, when we thought we have seen it all another familiar face pops up...

Walter Skinner!

Then, more montage with Scully yelling at Mulder in which we get a few hints at the new story-arc. A few shots of World War II era soldiers carrying what looks to be alien bodies on a crash site (Roswell maybe?) that means possible flashbacks or even a complete lead in the story involving a character living at that time.

The flashback scenes seem to be revolving around a central character seen in multiple shots. We even get a good look at his face up-close as can be seen above. If you have any idea who this guy might be please share in the comments below! Maybe the young dad of Fox Mulder?

We have a small problem...

Then in the final few seconds, the trailer goes beyond all boundaries and raises the hype bar with an image that speaks for itself. A hand holding a slim cigarette, slowly burning away.

It seems the cigarette smoking man will return to The X-Files, which must be a surprise you if you are a hardcore X-Files fan because - spoliers ahead - he died in the series, exploded actually. Maybe it is in the flashbacks, or he survived with the use of alien technology? Or it's a clone? Either way, the X-Files wouldn't be X-Files without the infamous cancer man.

The trailer ends with the chilling original theme giving goosebumps and setting the mood for the eager waiting of the next two months.

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