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Richard Padgett
... Carter know about Wonder Woman." I mean really she only portrayed her on tv for 3 years maybe more, as well as being known for the only person to play Wonder Woman in any live action anything. As for the upcoming movie I'm sick of the complaining fo the actors chosen to play these iconic characters! The Dark Knight Trilogy was good due to writing and directing not because Bale used a gravely voice when in costume, also in truth just because it was the best live action Batman movies doesnt mesn they were the best. First none of any of the characters really follow what the fanboys would have fonsidered as accurate but because it was the newest and closest to the character but it still wasn't the comic book Batman which is to be expected because it's NOT a comic book. Why don't all the little people who can't hold in there jealousy for the actors who get to potray there favorite hero in a movie when they will only get to be that character in cosplay. Stop hating and writing incoherent nonsense and actually read more than just a few comics and don't post articles when you DO NOT know all the history in and out of the comic. If you want to write a review of a movie without having any knowledge of the characters and there history then I'm sure there is a cheesy chick flick or yet another movie or show about the angst of being a vampire (more accurately an almost immortal bratty teen.) Moviepilot you need to stop letting anyone with a smartphone to write articles for you; which is said because this post was done from a smartphone and is more legible than most of what is posted on this site. Trully makes me miss Siskle and Ebert don't know who they are fanboys then look it up I'm sure you will find every little truth (or lie) about them that you could ever find online.

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